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I have made a short survey which is about music. Over 2 weeks, I have worked on it. Firstly, I thought about the questions that I can ask. Secondly, I found possible answers for the questions.Then, I wrote and print the survey. Afterwards, I have dealt surveys to several classes in Sabanci University. Finally, I collected and analysed data. Here is my questions, answers and their percentages:

1) What kind of music do you listen mostly?


If we look at the pie chart, we can see the most popular music genre is Pop. Rock follows Pop but there is a dramatic gap between them. In comparison with the others, their popularity is very low.

2) When do you most feel like listening to music?


If we look at the bar chart, we can see there is a dramatic percentage on happy. It shows that loads of people listen music when they feel happy. Compared with depressed and anxious happy’s percentage is very huge. On the other hand, almost nobody listens music when they are angry. I guess they deal with the problems with shouting not listening music 🙂

3) Where do you listen music mostly?


According to the columns most of people listen music while doing sports. It’s possible because in our sport center every treadmill has TV channels, radio channels etc. which is necessary as people run very long time. Similarly, a lot of people listen music in their room when they are alone. It makes a lot of sense because people would like to think their problems, relationships etc. They can be more emotional when they are alone so that music could has an influence on their emotions. However, a few people listen music in car, bus, a club.



People who say yes or no percentage is very similar to each other. So let’s move on how much percentage people play which instrument.


As you can see majority of people play guitar and piano whereas playing violin and drum percentage is very low. Since, they are less popular.


Organ Donation

Today many people are talking about organ donation. Some people approve it but some people not. Also loads of people are waiting for organs.
Well, what is the organ donation?
Organ donation is a kind of medical treatment which saves many people’s life. It is carried out by transplanting organs from one person to another person. Organ donor also can be animals but it is still being developed by scientists. It’s called xenotransplantation. It’s controversial issue, so I’d like to mention about only human organs transplantation.
What is the situation like in Turkey?
In Turkey, the organ which is the most looking for is kidney. Now, almost 9000 people are waiting for kidney whereas liver is 1300. It’s incredible. Actually, I feel that the most effective cause is unhealthy diet. In Turkey a lot of people eating a lot of salt. Eating too much salt really damages kidney. That’s why waiting for kidney is more than liver or another organs. If we compare of the situation in Turkey with civilized countries, we will see the rates of organ donation. Whereas in Turkey donation rate is only 2 people in a million, in Spain 34,6 , in Italy 21,1 , in France 20,9 , in USA 20,0 , in Germany 13,8 , UK 12,3. As you can see in Turkey the rate is really less than civilized countries.
Although organ transplantation can save many people’s life, it has some possible problems. Firstly, tissue incompatibility. It means that tissues are very different from each other and they cannot exist together. Secondly, legality. It depends on the legal arrangements in the countries, so it can change country to country. Thirdly, ethical and religious beliefs. Finally, operation risk. Unhappily, due to these problems organ donation cannot be possible sometimes.

Well, what should be done in order to sort it out these problems?

In my opinion, governments should raise the awareness of people. For instance, they should organize seminars which can make people aware of the importance of donation. In USA, government provides to donor people tax relief. It encourages people for donating organs. I really believe that if other countries make something like that, many people will donate their organs.noble-suicide-organ-donation-death-1

Goal Setting With Students

Second was mine. Actually I feel that I couldn’t reach all of my goals, unfortunately.


At the beginning of each semester, Foundations Year Program students at Sabanci University School of Languages have to attend a goal setting tutorial, which is among many other tutorials such as Learning Portfolio and writing. In this tutorial, as the name suggests, students are expected to come up with their goals and talk about them with their tutors.

I developed my own approach to goal setting in addition to the standard task sheet provided for the instructors. In a nutshell, I make a contract with my students. I give them a piece of paper and explain that I want them to write some sentences that start with “I will”. They need to know that the duration for fulfilling these goals. In my case, this is two months. I let them know that their statements can be considered as promises they make and that I would check in the middle and…

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Counsellor’s advice for Martin, Paul, Steawart, and Carlos

As the counsellor at Student Advice Center, I would like to give the following advice for Martin, Paul, Steawart, and Carlos.

They are flatmates and they are in disagreement. The way to sort it out is to conform some rules. Martin is like dictator in their house. They don’t like it but it should be. In my opinion every house need a dictator. However it needs some limits. Martin shouldn’t give directions his flatmates. They should talk about it and one of them(Martin) should control what they do and what they do not. Because one person cannot always wash the dishes and clean the house. They must share it equally.

Their most important disagreement is about long-term visitors. Steawart’s friend Tom hasn’t got job. He wants to help his friend because he hasn’t much money to rent a house. He should help but it cannot be like that. Tom disturbs the others and he pays nothing. He should find a way and also he try much more to find a job maybe he should get a loan. He can stay 2-3 days but he shouldn’t stay very long time.

These are my advices for get along with each other.